R12 Trainers - Getaway

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This is a Sunny Bums Trainer. These are perfect for bridging the gap between diapers and underpants! Our trainers are made of a waterproof PUL exterior, while the interior is lined with a swift wicking jersey material. The sewn-in hemp and bamboo insert offers protection from leaks. The elastic waistband and rise snaps allow for adjustable sizing. These may be pulled on and off, but the side snaps allow for quick removal in those situations when time is of the essence.

The waistband adjusts from approximately 15" to 23 1/2"

Customer Reviews

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Kimberly Mayer
Love them!!!

Highly adjustable, and I love that I can 1) add absorbency, and 2) unsnap for easy cleanup of messy accidents! Perfect potty training pants!!

Ashley Kaye
An honest review

There are things I love about these trainers and things that I don't.

Pros: built in absorbency with a pocket. I bought these for my 3 year old to wear at night. I only have to add 1 insert and she's a heavy wetter. Not bulky. Cute patterns. Waist band adjustable and fits well.

Cons: when the waistband is expanded, the male "pokey" part of the snap is towards the skin. I have purchased caps for these to make them more smooth and comfortable on the hips. While the waistband fits well, the leg holes are small. My daughter woke up with deep red marks on her thigh/groin area. I wish there was an elastic/adjustable extender available in order to make them bigger where needed (waist/leg).

Jessica Williams
Training pants

These trading pants are the best and my absolute favorite 😍 I can’t wait to see what the next designs for the trading pants line are!