Why We Cloth


While your decision to go with disposable or cloth diapers will ultimately come down to your personal preferences, here are some of the reasons we choose to cloth diaper:


#1) Saves Money

Cloth diapers are a more expensive investment up front, but once you have enough diapers for your rotation, the only thing you’ll need to pay for is laundry detergent! Not to mention, they can be reused for any of your future children, or even sold to other cloth diapering parents once your child has potty trained, thus recouping some of your initial investment!

#2) Environmentally Friendly

Cloth diapers are made up of materials that are biodegradable and recyclable. The natural fibers that make up the diaper interior and inserts are biodegradable, and the waterproof PUL that makes up the outside of the diaper can be recycled with other plastics. Cloth diapers mean a lower carbon footprint, and fewer diapers in landfills!

#3) Reliability

While disposable diapers are meant to be used once and thrown away, cloth diapers are made to be worn and washed over and over. Cloth diapers are made to last, which means they’re much sturdier and reliable. As many parents who cloth can attest, blowouts in cloth are few and far between!

#4) Comfort

The natural fibers in cloth diapers are softer than the paper and plastics that make up disposables. Some babies have skin sensitivities to the materials and chemicals in disposable diapers. Despite being bulkier, cloth diapers are more breathable, which helps with temperature regulation.

#5) Fashion

We couldn’t NOT mention this one. Long gone are the days of safety pins and rubber pants! Today’s cloth diapers have a modern, easy-to-use design and they come in all different colors and patterns.