Preorder Information


Why order from a preorder? Not only do you get a discounted price, but you’re able to guarantee you get the exact items you want, without worrying about them selling out. Once a preorder closes, the items will be raised to their regular retail prices.

After a preorder closes, our custom items usually take 6-8 weeks to manufacture. We will list an ETA on each preorder collection.

In the event that you'd like to order from a preorder is already closed, we do offer a small amount of in-stock extras. These extra items will be released on our site once the preordered items for that round have already been shipped out to our customers.

If you’d like to stay updated on when “extras” will be released on the site, make print suggestions, or vote on which prints will be run in a preorder, make sure to join our Facebook group!

If you mix preorder items from multiple rounds or with in-stock items in one transaction, please be aware that your order will not ship until the last items arrive to us. If you would like your items as they are ready, make sure to place a separate order for each round.